My most popular photo ever (as of today)

I put all of my photos up on flickr for all the world to see. Most of my photos only get a couple of views (thanks mum and dad) from the general public. A lucky few that I took during the Rugby World Cup in 2007 (rip) had over 1000 people look at them in a matter of days. After the initial flurry most photos are rarely looked at again.

One photo that I took at Glastonbury in 2007 is different though. That photo gets a few people come and look at it every day. And slowly but surely it has steadily worked its way up through the ranks of my thousands of photos that I have taken over the years to become the most viewed photograph I have ever taken. Ladies and gentlemen with 1,559 views I give you, muddy girls.
Muddy girls (dirty girls) at Glastonbury 2007
Proving that the internet is home to people with some pretty weird tastes.