Another sunny weekend in France. Another easy game of rugby where a minnow gets swept aside. The second highlight of the game were the awesome seats we had. The 35,000 seater Stadium de Toulouse was really intimate and we had an amazing view of the game. The first and most amazing highlight was that Grant was sitting next to a quy who looked a lot like Albert Einstein. Grant who is probably the smartest in our group yelled this out to the rest of us somehow not realising that Albert Einstein was probably called Albert Einstein in France as well.

Grant and Albert Einstein

Russ continued his dominance of the pool we are running for each game. Each game we all put in five euros and try to pic the difference between the scores. Phil was the early leader but now it looks like Russ is in charge. Since running a pool often ends up with some of us loudly supporting the other side we have decided not to have any pools on All Black matches during the knock out stages as it might create bad fan karma.

russ claims his winnings

After the game we watched the Wales v Fiji game in a park beside the river that runs through Toulouse. The locals had set up a huge outdoor screen and bars, bbqs etc and it was a fantastic atmosphere. The game was so good I would recommend it to people who have never watched rugby before to get them into the sport. By the end when Fiji scored the winning try there were hundreds of people on their feet cheering for the gutsy Pacific Islanders. The handful of Welsh present must have felt very alone.

The usual partying ensued for the remainder of the weekend.