More great sailing from Portsmouth to Dominica. Couldn`t find the southern port so we put the foot down a we were aiming for so we sailed until the late afternoon to Deshaies a popular port for yachties in northern Dominica. Our hard work means we have tomorrow off before the last push to St Johns in Antigua.

Hubbers the sleeping king

From day two I have totally mastered the art of napping while sailing. Toddie has it down to an even finer art and is able to cram in two naps per leg. We needed it today as the wind blew all the yachts in our very calm overnight bay parallel to the shore and we were all rocked awake at 6am. We have learned that even the calmest bay will cause heavy rocking if your yacht is on the wrong angle. That being said the whole the rocking thing makes it amazingly easy to get to sleep at night.

I can honestly say that I totally have my sea legs. So much so that I some times find the land swaying while I am on shore. I should add that I feel this while sober as well as smashed.