Sailed to Dominica with more fantastic nature buzzery on the way spotting lying fish and a we watched hungry pelican fishing for dinnerĀ as we anchored up.

Before we even had the boat in the water a local guy had paddled up to our yacht and asked us if we needed any beer, ice, fruit or ganga. Usually the local ganga rep lets us get on the shore before they make their sales pitch.

The chicken house of Dominica

Portsmouth is very run down. Took a walk through town which looked like a tonado had hit it. Two large wrecks are washed up on the shore here.

Importing Dominica style

Several “houses” are made from containers which I guess came from these wrecks. Later on our tour we saw a 150 strong parade/rally for Jesus. The poor certainly love god but from the way he blows their houses over I am not sure the relationship is reciprocal.

For dinner we dined at Big Papa`s Restaurant. Big Papa is quite the business man. He has built the biggest jetty in town outside his restaurnt and he does a great trade with the yachties.

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