After only a few hours in Hong Kong I have managed to deduce quite a lot about the language spoken here. Almost all sentences are made up by stringing three and four letter words together a quickly as possible. Interestingly many common English words seem to have their origin in the Chinese language. Some of the ones I have spotted include chow, fang, ding, dang, dung, me, pee, king, mo, fo, ho, long, dong, hung, wang, chew, dim, chop, sum, loo and wong to name a few. And if I am not mistaken the Chinese also seem to be behind the well know international drinking game Ping Pang Pong.

Spent the day on Hong Kong Island doing the get on something high and take photos tour. High things on the tour included the Bank of China Tower and Hong Kong Peak. In total I walked for about 9 hours and saw pretty much everything touristy on HK Island which included shops, shops and more shops. My mo fo (excuse my Chinese) legs were bloody sore by the end of it.