Used the internet to find out that we gave the Froggies a good old fashioned All Black style drubbing. 46 to 6. Gutted I missed it.

Sunday is the ideal day for strolling in downtown Mumbai and markets. There are only a small fraction of the traffic and people it was positively idyllic.

Walked past a massive central city park with three serious games of cricket complete with players in white, scoreboards, make-shift pavilions and golf clapping supporters. Interspaced between these matches were scores of smaller games being just as fiercely competed for by groups of local boys. There were so many of these smaller games that in some places the pitches were only five meters apart. Not wanting to be shown up by a group of fourteen year olds I politely refused several offers to play.

My Indian colleague Vijay used to sometimes do this body language thing where he wobbled his head from side to side. If I saw him he’d stop even though I never said anything. I never knew what it meant. They all do it here and after a week of hard analysis I a none the wiser. Sometimes it seems to mean yes and sometimes no. Sometimes something else. For all I know it could mean ‘oh no my head is loose’. Please help.

If I could pick three counties from this trip to see again it would be India, India and India. And not just because I only spent a small amount of time here. India is fascinating. It defies explanation. I have started to read ‘Holy Cow’ a funny book by an Aussie reporter who lived in Delhi for a year and it gives some excellent insights. You should all read this book. For my own part I will be back to work this one out for myself.

The trip to the airport is one of the worst things I have had to do whilst traveling. At almost every set of lights of the way my taxi was approached by beggars in indescribable states. Some thin, some with deformed limbs, some missing parts. All filthy. My personal philosophy is to not give money to beggars. But this was just disheartening. At the terminal I skipped dinner gave all my spare change to the guy who needlessly hand out tissues in the toilet.