Got to bed at 8.30am and was up again by 11.00am when sleep ceased to be an option at my noisy hostel.

I met a Brit called Ben who is down on his luck at the moment. He has no money for food and is two days behind on his rent. To get out of hock he borrowed fifty shekels to get to a festival on a kibitz were he worked thirty hours straight. He was devastated when the promoter did a runner and nobody got paid. Fortunately the club I was at needed an extra set of hands so after two and a half hours sleep (hey that’s all I had) I woke him and dragged him off to work.

Ben’s plan for getting back to England is ingenious. Well ingenious is one word that you could use. When he wants to go home he is going to go to the British embassy and cause some trouble or break something so they are forced them to fly him home to face trial. Apparently one of his mates did it and when he was sent the invoice for the flight he never bothered to pay it. The lengths some people will go to avoid paying for things.

I read today that the Taleban in Afghanistan has a ‘Ministry for the Suppression of Vice and the Promotion of Virtue’. They should cut straight to the chase and have a ‘Ministry for the Suppression of Freedom and Rights and the Promotion of Terrorism and other Hate Crimes’.


I have had a lot of time to mull over why things are so shit between the Arabs and the Israelis. You tend to have a bit of spare time to think when you travel alone. After all my deliberation I think I have it boiled down to one single fact that can explain all of the hatred and pain they cause each other. THEY DON’T WANT PEACE. Or a little more accurately they don’t want peace badly enough. If the general population of both sides really really wanted peace then they would find a way to make it happen. Instead what you find when you talk to people (either side) here is that they claim that they want peace and then try to justify their own sides actions. I think that they are just saying they want peace, or perhaps they think they want peace but when you talk to them what you realise is that what they actually want is REVENGE and what they perceive as JUSICE. And the official stats bear this opinion of mine out. In Palestine 85% of people want the ifutada to continue (despite the horrific loss of Palestinian life) and in Israel the hardliner Prime Minister Sharon has an unprecedented level of support (despite mounting Israeli deaths). I think that until both sides realise that they will never get everything that they want then there is no hope for peace. In short: they’re totally and utterly fucked.


Why I the Islamic world rushing to line up behind the Islamic fundamentalist Osama bin Liner? It’s mental. The western world equivalent would be if America’s Amish community went bad and drove a suicide horse and cart into the great mosque in Mecca and then the American government decided to protect the people responsible and then all the Christians on the planet lined up behind the Amish community to destroy Islam. Ludicrous! This would never happen because in the west when you commit a horrible crime the authorities hunt you down and punish you. They don’t ‘jump on board’ and say, “Well you’re a bunch of extremist bastards but let’s see where this crazy horse ride goes!”