The Dome on the Rock, Jeruselam, Israel

The Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur officially starts at sunset today and goes until sunset tomorrow. This is the most important holiday of the year for the Jews. During this time they don’t watch TV, listen to the radio, use phones, drive cars, leave the house, eat, drink, use cosmetics, fuck, anything. All they do is sit around with their families in quiet prayer and contemplation. Yom Kippur is taken very seriously indeed and the Jewish run part of the country (most of it) grinds to a complete halt. Fortunately the Palestinians etc keep their shops open so I wont starve. Actually it’s a bit academic for me as the Palestinian shops are the only ones I can afford to go to. Everything here is very expensive. Even more expensive than London in most cases. Apparently it has a lot to do with the high taxes charged by the government. Which would make sense since brand new tanks and planes don’t come cheap. I should add up what I think I will paid in taxes when I leave so I can estimate what contribution I have made to the Israeli military machine. probably just a few bullets because I am a broke backpacker but I would like to think my share was used to buy something like a box of camouflage panties or similar.

Actually if you were going to attack Israel Yom Kippur is the ideal time since most of the country is busy pretending that it is some time around the third century. They also caught some baddies coming across the Syrian border a couple of nights ago and found a weapons cache. So I think there will be some trouble of some sort. The Israelis thought there might be trouble because there were loads more soldiers on the street today and they even mobilised the hot chick brigade. Which is basically made up of hot looking Israeli chicks with big guns standing around looking sexy as fuck.

Was going to head to Tel Aviv tonight with a Palestinian run service taxi. I know that everything will be shut because of Yom Kippur but I thought I could spend the day on the beach until everything opens again at sundown. But none of the Palestinian taxi drivers here drive on Yom Kippur because people throw stones at their cars. The religious tolerance in this part of the world is totally fantastic.


Was kicked out of the crappy (but cheap) al Arab hotel tonight. The manager backtracked on his position of the previous night and insisted that I pay for the extra evening. I was trying to tell him that I would rather pay the extra money to someone else than to pay him twice and he kicked me out. We exchanges our thoughts about each other and fifteen minutes later I was booked into the Tabasco Hotel which is much nicer but it also more expensive. Oh well. The total amount that I lost was less than two quid but it goes against everything I believe to give into scammers, liars and thieves unless I have absolutely no choice.