Bused, taxied, vanned, vanned, walked, taxied and finally walked again to Hotel Endri in the capital, Tirana. First impressions of Albania is it is capital B for BROKE. On the journey I swear I saw almost as many incomplete buildings as finished ones. The ‘state highway’ (called that because it is in a state) was worse condition than the ones in Africa. It must get better in Tirana I thought. Boy was I wrong. So far I haven’t seen many roads that don’t have gaping holes and piles of rubble. My hotel’s street is more reminiscent of early 80s Lebanon or downtown Ramala than a city in mainland Europe. Spent the evening walking around town looking for a cash machine that would mate with my cash card. Sadly after six failed insertions my card went home a virgin and I spent my last quid on a tiny piece of pizza hoping to stave off the early effects of starvation.