Another change now that Runty is gone is that I don’t have anyone to listen to my inane drivel all day long. The net result of that is more blog for you guys. Apologies.

Walked the whole city and saw pretty much everything slightly touristy in one long walk.

They have a clock here that is stuck on 5.17 the moment when an earthquake struck on the 27th July in 1963. It was left on that time as a memorial to the people who died.

Saw the Museum of Contemporary Art. This was like any contemporary art museum in the world in that the only people who understand each exhibit are the nutter/scammer who made it and maybe the mug who paid forty thousand pounds for it. The beauty of this museum was that there is only one exhibit so there is less to misunderstand. The exhibit was a giant guitar/boat called ‘Mozart’s Boat’. Contemporary.

Saw the Sveti Spas church which is half dug into the ground because when it was built in the 17th century no church was allowed to be higher than a mosque.

Went to the excellent Bourne Identity which was slightly out of focus and the sound was a little fuzzy and a big chunk in the middle got cut out when they changed reels. Hang on. Blurred? Fuzzy? Memory gaps? I’m sure I wasn’t drunk.

Went out with some Dutch ex NATO workers and some Macedonian girls. Much fun.