Cruisey day looking around town.

Had to listen to Greg talk himself up all day about what a legend he is in the sack. In his own words he is ‘blessed’. Was nearly sick on several occasions.

Weighed myself today and am down to 94 kilos. For the last eighteen months I have been trying to put some bulk on my lanky frame by eating and gyming loads. I managed to get up to 99 kilos before I left so I am losing two or three kilos a month. Trying to think of a positive spin for this I realised that if I keep travelling for another eighteen months I will be light enough to post myself home for a fiver.

Caught the overnight train to Sofia. We are missing part of our tickets so they made us pay for another one even though our reservation form clearly showed that we had paid. I don’t think we were scammed but you should have seend the train guys reaction when I went to take his photo. He nearly hit me on the spot. Anyway the train guy was a difficult bureaucrat. At the border we changed train guys and the new train guy was another difficult bureaucrat.

On the whole the level of scamming in Romania was far below what we had expected. The biggest scam we encounter was on the way out when an overly helpful local guy ‘helped’ us to our train when we didn’t need any help. Pitiful.