Finally made our Romanian road trip today. It started late because we had to wait for Runty’s Romanian girlfriend (yes there really has been one in almost every country) to finish her driving lesson.

The main roads in Romania are quite good. The smaller roads are another matter. Some of the potholes were so big they had their own gravitational field. On the plus side if we had driven into one it would have saved us a lot of money on airfares to New Zealand.

While on the subject of the roads there don’t appear to be any roads laws here. I have seen a few creative driving moves that would have received a approving yellow toothed smile from a Bangkok tuk tuk driver.

Romania has a bit of a wild dog problem. It is not uncommon to see packs of dogs in built up areas. From the amount of dead dogs on the road the solution to this problem seems to be to run as many of them over as possible.

Saw two cool castles. The first was Peles Castle which is a 18th century palace with lovely statues in the garden and the like. Very nice. The second, Bran Castle, was a striking hilltop fortress which is billed as Dracula’s castle even though the Count never actually lived there. And not because he is undead and technically doesn’t actually live anywhere. And not because he didn’t exist either. Even when he didn’t exist he didn’t live here. Get it? Yeah me to then.

Greg had a date with his girlfriend so I went to Club A with some of the people from the hostel. A good night but the most interesting even of the evening was when a pack of glued up Romanian street kids tried to pick my pocket on the way home. While the bulk of the group distracted me from the front one of them rammed his hand into my camera pocket and they all ran for it. Thankfully my pockets were deeper than his grab and he got nothing.

Greg didn’t make it back to the hostel until the next day. Have to assume that the Romanian girlfriend is his favourite of the plethora of girlies who have had crushes on him in Eastern Europe since she was the first to put out.