After a four hour power-nap we walked the city. The highlight of which was the Military Museum which has more tanks than I have seen in all my life. Excellent toys for boys. They even have part of the fuselage of a stealth bomber that the Serbs shot down in 1999. Sadly the exhibition covering 1918 to 1999 were closed for refurbishment. The overall tone of the exhibition on their most recent conflict with Kosovo was that the cruel and powerful Americans were unjustly bullying them. Perhaps they should have thought about that before they started the ethnic cleaning of Kosovo. Surrprisingly the overwhelming weight of English comments in the visitors book were in support of the Serbs. Irrational anti-Americanism is rife in Europe.

In the evening we went down to the river to drink on the riverboats but they were all dead so we called it quits.