Started the day with the worst commentated tour on our trip so far. The guide had poor English and had virtually nothing to say but was a stunning example of top notch Bosnian smoo, so none of the predominately male crowd seemed to mind.

The only thing worth seeing on the tour was the museum at the Tunnel where the Bosnians supplied the city while the Serbs had it under siege between April 92 and September 95. The Tunnel was 800 meters long and carried everything the city needed from petrol (piped), high voltage electricity, weapons, food, livestock and up to 3000 military and civilian personnel a day. It provided an essential lifeline that helped Sarajevo hold on in life or death circumstances. When other Bosnian cities resistances collapsed their occupants were often massacred.

Huge huge laugh when the fit smoo guide said ‘you can go in my tunnel, it is not dangerous’.

Caught our own cab out to the Stadium used for the 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics (what winter olympic sport needs an outdoor stadium?) but is now surrounded by graves. Lack of any useful commentary from our driver meant that we knew nothing about the site other than it has loads of graves.

His one intelligible comment was ‘Bosnian pussy good eh?’ Although a touch crass, he is not wrong.

This amazing city is crying out for someone to conduct a good quality walking tour to tell the story of it’s turbulent history.

Runty had himself measured for his best man suit for Andy’s wedding. His suit size is 48 or 46 as I keep reminding him. If he looks a little constricted at the wedding then you know who to blame.

Met a Kiwi who managed to get the tricky Ukrainian visa and for his troubles he was robbed or scammed by the local police five times during his time there. What a pack of *****.

We are so short of days now that we decided to make up time by catching a night bus to Belgrade. The eight hour trip covers a mere 200kms. Surprisingly it wasn’t that bad.