Moved out of the Prison hostel because it was full and into some place miles out of the centre. Hmmm.

We have picked up two other travelers for the Slovenian leg of our tour. An American/Peruvian investment banker, Patrick, who regularly uses Ritalin as a straightener when pissed and who spades every single female who comes within twenty meters of him. So much so that we have called him the CEO of JCB.


Straightener: a drug that gives the impression that it reduces the effects of alcohol or other drugs i.e. cocaine, speed etc

CEO of JCB: One who hits on a girl is said to be spading her. One who does a lot of spading is said to be driving a digging machine called a JCB. One who does the spading work of scores of men is the CEO of JCB.

The second is a nice Aussie chick called Nicole with no a. Both very good value and Slovenia has loads of countryside in which to hide their bodies.

Looked around town which is pretty cool with loads of cool little galleries and coffee shops. Went clubbing at Globe which was awesome. Runty is off the piss for a bit as he is struggling with unusual hangovers. Fab night had by all.