Berlin to Krakow doesn’t look that far on a map but for some reason it takes 10 hours.

Language wise Poland might prove a little challenging. I’ll give you some examples. It appears that ‘w’ is a word although it is probably pronounced vee or var. And ‘Wrzeszcz’ is an actual pronounceable place name and not a noise you make when you get a decent electric shock. Luckily some Polish words that are essential for backpacking are a little easier to interpret – like ‘alkohole’.

 Hubbers and Runty at Gdansk Wrzeszcz train station, Poland

Once settled in Krakow we had an excellent time on what could only be called the worst pub crawl of all time. It went to only one pub, the ‘9 Bar’. A pub we were later (two days later) warned not to go to because the local mob drink there and an Irish tourist recently had acid thrown in his face there. Met loads of locals and only have very good things to say about the superb quality of Polish Smoo.