Caught the space museum which was much more pants than we had been led to believe.

We have to leave Russia tomorrow and we need to fly because the Belarus and Ukrainian visa situation is impossible. We booked the cheapest flight to the first place we could think of without thinking of whether we needed visas or where we were really going. Our lack of thought and planning was highlighted after we paid for the nonrefundable tickets and Runty looked at the Lonely planet and said ‘Hey Budapest is in Hungary’. As usual blind luck carried us through and Budapest is in the perfect location to begin the next leg of the trip.


Russia is an amazing country and I would highly recommend it to anyone who travels. However the Ruskies could do a little more to encourage tourism and thus tourusm dollars. My recommendations are as follows:

  1. Scrap the pain in the arse to get visa. The cold war is over, it was in all the papers.
  2. Have a torist information office in every city that tourists frequent.
  3. Put up a few more English signs around the place. Especially in the Metro.


Our Russian guide told us that In the Eighties her huband got up at 6am to queue for a shop that opened at 9am so that their baby could eat. She said there were documented cases of Russians passing out when they arrived in the West and they saw the shops packed with food. Everbody had a job even if that job was sitting in an office all day drinking tea with nothing to do. The KGB would roam the streets looking for people who weren’t at their ‘jobs’ and arrest them, This was soviet Russia.
Apart from the death and suffering of tens of millions of people world wide and some really big really ugly buildings name one thing that communism has given us. My personal feeling is that the soviets were as evil as the Nazis.