Took the Insiders Berlin Tour. Saw a good whack of the central Berlin highlights including The Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, the Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate and the hotel where Michael Jackson dangled his baby from. Well worth it.

Other highlights of Berlin included:

The Judisches Museum (Jewish Museum) which was as interesting for its architecture as it was for its subject matter.

The Pergamom which is the German Equivalent of the British Museum and basically contains all the antiquities the naughty Germans could nick during their colonial period. The prize of this collection has to be the Ishtar Gates one of the entrances to the ancient city of Babylon, near what is left of Bagdad.

The rotating restaurant in the Berlin version of the Sky Tower offers fantastic views and photo opportunities of the city. That is if your Canon digital camera doesn’t shit itself. This is the second digital Canon I have had that has died on me for no good reason. The replacement is a Sony.

On our last night we did the Berlin Pub Crawl. A spectacular evening where we managed to drink an entire bottle of complimentary vodka after we were the only ones to join the crawl from our 800 bed hostel. Somehow Runty managed to get lost and I had to find my own way home pissed as a newt. Messy.