Woke early to do internet and stuff. Explored the old town and did the usual museum-and-climb-the-local-tower-combo that we love so much in the Baltics. The museum of Latvian history does and excellent job of showing what a raw deal the Latvian’s have received over the last 100 years.

Went back to de Lacy’s to watch the English football team snatch a draw from the jaws of victory after leading Austria two to nil. Hopeless. Got talking to the owner of the pub an Irishman who runs a local bank called Michael. He had all sorts of advice about the local scene. Ended up being invited to another pub by two ABSOLUTLY STUNNING LOCAL GIRLS and as we were leaving Michael warned us to watch ourselves. At the new pub I left Greg with the stunners cos it felt a little dodgey. As it turns out they weren’t prostitutes or on commission for the second pub or some other scam and they were just two nice but stunning local chicks. I would be gutted but I met another local girl and had a good time anyway. After dropping her off at the bus I went home to find Greg asleep on the couch in the hotel reception.