Dubai is loaded. Like loaded loaded. I had a theory a while ago that you could tell how well a city s doing by the number of cranes on the skyline. Mr Wayne reckons that there are fifty cranes on his site alone and that a quarter of the worlds cranes are in Dubai at the moment. That’s a lot of cranes so if my theory is correct then Dubai is absolutely booming. They are even building the worlds biggest shopping mall and the world’s tallest building. The tallest building is being built so that an additional five floors can be added in case anyone builds a taller tower.

Dubai’s oil will run out in the next ten years. To combat this Dubai has heavily invested in tourism. They get 11 million tourists now and think they will get 23 million in the not to distant future. To cope with this they have over 47 five star hotels and soon will have over 100. They are also building a Dubai Land, a Disney Land and three artificial Islands called Palm 1, Palm 2 and The World. The billion dollars worth of property on the first Palm 1 sold out in 72 hours. They also have the only seven star hotel on the planet, the magnificent Burj Al Arab.

I told you Dubai is loaded.

Two-Eyes another London mate is coming through Dubai tonight on his way to the same wedding. By shear coincidence we are on the same flight tomorrow so we decided to go for a beer.

Ended up at a club which is just like a normal club except every one of the 150 girls working there is a pro. The best part is they aren’t aloud to talk to you unless you talk to them first so it was an excellent night full of delicious eye candy.