My most popular photo ever (as of today)

I put all of my photos up on flickr for all the world to see. Most of my photos only get a couple of views (thanks mum and dad) from the general public. A lucky few that I took during the Rugby World Cup in 2007 (rip) had over 1000 people look at them in a matter of days. After the initial flurry most photos are rarely looked at again.

One photo that I took at Glastonbury in 2007 is different though. That photo gets a few people come and look at it every day. And slowly but surely it has steadily worked its way up through the ranks of my thousands of photos that I have taken over the years to become the most viewed photograph I have ever taken. Ladies and gentlemen with 1,559 views I give you, muddy girls.
Muddy girls (dirty girls) at Glastonbury 2007
Proving that the internet is home to people with some pretty weird tastes.

I am officially part of the paparazzi!

My office in London is right next to the Holborn police station. Last Friday we had a fire drill and while outside we noticed that there were around 100 media types with expensive digital cameras crowding around the entrance to the “cop shop”? behind temporary barriers. A small amount of questioning later revealed that Amy Winehouse was due to make an appearance at 3pm for allegedly assaulting a person in a nightclub.

Well after 5pm she finally turned up and I was able to snap this picture of her entering the police station from an office on the 7th floor.

Amy Winehouse at Holborn Station

Considering how much interests there is in her tormented and drug addled life at the moment I am offering this photo to the highest bidder. I suggest a good starting price would be around ?10,000.