goes live!

In the most entrepreneurial thing I have ever done in my 35 years on this planet I have imported thousands of bangles and am starting an online jewellery business with my girlfriend Rachel. And before you ask starting an online jewellery business is not the first step on the slippery slope to life as a cross dressing web developer. (November 2007)

The site is called “bangle bangle” and can be found at

How can you help?

  • Link to my site – to get a better ranking on search engines like Google I need to get other sites link to The more incoming links I have the more seriously the search engines will take me and the better my ranking will be. So if you have a blog or a Facebook/Ringo/Bebo page or even your company’s website then please ad a link to Any links you add would be greatly appreciated.
  • Tell your friends – Sites like this can generate a lot of traffic from word of mouth. If you have friends who like bangles forward this email to them. Or even if you have friends who hate bangles but who might know someone who doesn’t hate bangles forward this email to them. And tell them to forward it on to their friends!
  • Tell your friends to link their blogs to me ;) – incoming links are everything for search engines and everyone who links to the site will be helping out.
  • Make suggestions – I am new at this and any ideas or suggestions you have would also be appreciated.

It has take months of work to get this far and there is still loads to do so keep popping back every now and then to see how it is going.

PS don’t forget to LINK TO MY SITE!

Don’t give me a smoke

Please Don't Give Me A Smoke

I came up with this idea a year ago when I was trying to help a friend quit smoking. Every time my friend looked like they had succeeded in kicking the habit another smoker gave her a cigarette and she was off smoking again. Smokers do this because they don’t want to be the last person left standing outside the bar in the rain while all their stronger friends have kicked the habit.

Basically the idea is that the quitter (or the quitters friend) buys a shirt (or a bag or mug or a badge…) that says that they are quitting and that other smokers shouldn’t give them any more cigarettes. It sends a loud clear message to other smokers to not to give the quitter any more cigarettes.

Because I am new to this whole web marketing thing I am trying to harness the power of Web 2.0 to promote the site for free. So far I have started a Please Don’t Give Me a Smoke Yahoo discussion group and a Please Don’t Give Me a Smoke Flickr Group for people to post photos of themselves wearing dontgivemeasmoke badges, shirts etc

Click on this link to find out more

And this is where you can buy the merchandise (the last ‘e’ is missing because cafepress has a 14 character limit on shop names).

Ahead of my time, again

It’s good to know that in this fast paced techy time that I can still have the occasional idea that is ahead of the big players.

My idea to put all the cycle accidents in London isn’t possible on Google Maps … yet. Hopefully they will set it up so that any logged in user can add a flag to a map soon.

My Google Map idea for logging cycle accidents in London


I am sold a David Hasselhoff beermat on Ebay. My boss picked it up for nothing at a pub and gave to me. There was a lot of early interest and bidding finally reached a massive ?1.


To promote the beermat I put it on Digg and my flatmate even put it on Wikipedia! But it didn’t last long :(


Of the ?1 that the beermat sold for Ebay took 20p and PayPal, who are owned by Ebay, took another 24p. So I only ended up with 56p because greedy Ebay stole 44 percent or my profit. Dogs.


Today I finally finished upgrading my blog so that all of the entries are now coded in 100% valid W3C approved semantically correct XHTML.


Well if people build internet site to accepted international standards and browser companies build their browsers to correctly read standardised code then everything will work correctly. And nobody gets hurt.

The upgrade involved two steps. Step One was to fix the XHTML template and CSS issued by Step two simply involved going through my 270+ blog entries and adding the correct semantic XHTML tags. This has only taken half a year or so.

What is next?

Next I plan to fix the spelling and grammar. Estimated completion date: 2027.


A friend of mine posted an ad looking for a man on and she received this reply. I nearly cried when I read it ;)


I am a fascinating, charming, attentionate and humorous French male artist seeking a fun relationship with someone special and give her all the attention she deserves. I am a non materialist romantic who prefers sharing intense moments like licking an ice cream with you on the back of a camel crossing the desert, taking you to the pochest parties in London or Paris or simply staying under the duvet for a sunday morning cuddle.

Although independent and emotionally stable I have a confession to make: My love for wearing nappies has led me to become completely dependent on them and now have to wear them 24/7.

I am 180 cm tall, have blues eyes and regularly go to the gym, I am often told I have the body of a model…

If you think I might possess what it takes to keep you wanting to know more about me, just press the right button.

Bises, a bientot…


Sleeping on roof of Hotel Afrika to save money, perfect for the warm Moroccan night air. Spent as couple of days exploring Marrakech with Emma and James. The highlights include a large souk (market) and Diemaa el-fna, a huge square which by night is rammed with makeshift restaurants, fresh orange juice stands (about 100) story tellers, magic acts, dancing cobras, chained Barbary apes, Berber acrobats, locals in traditional garb all of which are available for a photograph – at a price. I had my photo taken with a snake that was thrust around my neck and was then told that the cost was 100 Dinah. That’s taking the piss a little when you consider that I could have had 50 glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice for the same price. Obviously 100 was the piss takers starting price so we negotiated. This means I gave him the two Dinah that most people tip for photographs and walked off while he cursed me loudly in Arabic.

Marakesh market in the main square, Morocco

Marakesh market in the main square, Morocco

Marakesh Souk, Morocco

Was in an Internet cafe later that afternoon having rather a loud moan about slow download speeds, as you do when you go from a shared 2000k connection to a shared 56k connection. I turned around to see the owner on his hands and knees praying to Mecca. Felt like a bit of a rude tourist git for a while. Especially since he was undoubtedly praying for more bandwidth.