My life in London has been punctuated by four major tours of different parts of the world.

  • 1999 Western Europe
  • 2001 Middle East
  • 2002 Africa
  • 2004 Easter Europe, Iran and India

So far my efforts have taken me to 67 different countries and today I am off again. This time I plan to notch up a few more sailing around the Caribbean following New Zealand’s fortunes at the Cricket World Cup.

Whenever possible I will try to put some photos on my site.


Despite all my boasting about places I have been etc I made the worst possible mistake on the way to the airport. I lost my passport! An hour of frantic phone conversations with disinterested train pions later I had it tracked down to a police station in central London. About the same time I tracked it down the guy who found it texted me and told me where it was. Not only a good samaritan but also someone with the initiative to jump on Google and see if there was anything else he could do. Top Bloke!

To make a long story short I paid a taxi driver a small fortune to drive it to Gatwick in a record breaking two and a half hours. Record breaking because that might be the longest that journey has ever taken. British Airways were a lot more helpful and got me on the afternoon flight to Barbados (68) with a connection to St Lucia (69) the following day.

On the flight out had a few drinks to calm the nerves.

Spent the night near the airport so I would be ready to make the short hop to St Lucia tomorrow morning.