The boys got up at 6am to get a good start on the long sail to Antigua. We took a look at Jolly Bay on the West of the island but it looked a bit tame for our needs so we headed around to English Harbour and parked our yacht next to the super yachts. And when I say super I mean SUPER. The two biggest ones next to us are worth more than New Zealand.

The people over the road

Parking or mooring as the say in boating circles was tricky to say the least and we attracted the attention of all the crew on the surrounding yachts. Partly because they probably found it funny but probably also because they were afraid that we were going to crash into them. Not sure what the yachting term is for this. In the end a friendly fellow yachtie nudged us into place with his rubber dinghy.

One of the great things about yachting is that yachties are all really friendly to each other. Yachting is one of those circles where it is totally acceptable to wave to other yachties (like hiking and driving buses). This is way cool.

Antigua is an English island so all the keys are back in the correct place on the keyboard. Now my blog will just have all the regular typos again :)

The Aussies on the boat next to us invited us over for a beer and a guided tour tonight, The six of them are sharing a boat with 5 crew. It’s 110 foot long and costs each of them 1100 Australian dollars a night!!! They said they all got it past their wives by booking it two years ago.

Got an early night in preparation for the big game against the West Indies.