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G-Unit v K-Dog Nintendo Wii Boxing

Nintendo Wii is the highly successful new kid on the gaming machine block. While Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s Play Station slug it out with nearly identical machines Nintendo have taken a revolutionary approach with a controller that allows a much

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Freecycling rocks

Rachel is a freecycler (not a freegan) which means that she loves to give stuff to other freecyclers and get stuff in return from them. They even have a freecycler website big meetings where they all go to give stuff

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I am officially part of the paparazzi!

My office in London is right next to the Holborn police station. Last Friday we had a fire drill and while outside we noticed that there were around 100 media types with expensive digital cameras crowding around the entrance to

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This morning I got up at 4am and rode to Hyde Park Corner to participate in the Australian and New Zealand Army Core dawn service to commemorate the Aussie and Kiwi soldiers who have gone to war for their countries.

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Wireless router upgrade

I have a shitty old Linksys router that acts as a wireless connection for our whole flat. It often crashes when it gets too busy. A while ago I saw this article on lifehacker about upgrading the rubbish firmware on

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The subtlety of advertising

On British television at the moment, ASDA, one of the major supermarket chains has an advertisement where they claim that an independent price checker say that they have loads more cheap products than a cut-price supermarket rival, Tesco. This

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Today at lunch I was attempting to change the pin on a Barclays Visa (unsuccessfully) and as guy in front of me left and I stepped up the ATM the machine it issues me with around two hundred pounds in

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Cam completed the London Marathon

I am not sure how I have lived in London for over 10 years and have never taken any notice of the London Marathon. This year a good friend ran so we were forced to sit up and take notice.

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Cunning Torch Organisers

This is one of the buses in the Olympic Torch procession through London. The were very clever by choosing to play very loud music to drown out the booing and chanting by the protesters. To distract us further the next

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Protests at the Olympic torch run in London

Rachel and I went down to Russell Square to see the Olympic Torch march and associated protests. Hundreds of protesters turned up to make their voices heard. Naturally the police were out in force to make sure the torch reached

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